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"You're gonna give me that cherry pie sweet mama baby"


Things fall down. People look up. And when it rains, it pours.


"Strange things happen all the time." Like a suicide turned homicide by a quirk of timing. A motivational speaker motivated by rage. A quiz kid rendered stupid by a lightning strike. Strange things like dying badly, living worse, finding redemption - or like the lives of disparate, desperate people unexpectedly interlocking on one astonishing day. Writer-director Paul Thomas Anderson, who would later show his mastery of the decades-spanning epic with There Will Be Blood, here guides a superb ensemble cast and turns the events of a single day into epic filmmaking.

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Actor/Actress Role
Tom Cruise Frank T.J. Mackey
Julianne Moore Linda Partridge
William H. Macy Donnie Smith
John C. Reilly Officer Jim Kurring
Philip Baker Hall HJimmy Gator
Philip Seymour Hoffman Phil Parma
Jason Robards Earl Partridge
Alfred Molina Solomon Solomon
Melora Walters Claudia Wilson Gator
Michael Bowen Rick Spector
Ricky Jay Burt Ramsey / Narrator
Jeremy Blackman Stanley Spector
Melinda Dillon Rose Gator
April Grace Gwenovier
Luis Guzmán Luis
Henry Gibson Thurston Howell



Artist Song Title
Aimee Mann One
Aimee Mann Momentum
Aimee Mann Build That Wall/td>
Aimee Mann Deathly
Aimee Mann Driving Sideways
Aimee Mann You Do
Aimee Mann Nothing Is Good Enough
Aimee Mann Wise Up
Aimee Mann Save Me
Supertramp Goodbye Stranger
Supertramp Logical Song
Gabrielle Dreams
Jon Brion Magnolia